Island Gluten Free Bakery Testimonials

Surprisingly I was shocked to find muffins moist and delicious being gluten free. We bought two-blueberry lemon and pumpkin! To add to our experience the person taking our order was pleasant and very welcoming. - Andrew & Diane

Delicious! Fresh! Great place to come for someone with Celiac Disease! Even if you don't, you would love the food! And the ladies that work there are so friendly! - Angela

Thanks for the wonderful food and welcome. It's great to be able to find such a gem that is dedicated to high quality gluten free choices! - Tom & Ginnie

All are delicious and lots for assortments. - Ed

My brunch was wonderful...dessert first! Yum! Thank you. Amazing crust on the quiche! The torte was to die for and I will be thinking of you tomorrow when I eat my coffee cake (if it makes it til then). - Guin

If I could bake gluten free this well, I'd do it. Having the best can spoil you to the taste of anything less! - Jennifer

They're all SO delicious! It's great to have such great, Celiac-friendly options available locally. - Alice

It's been years, almost a decade, since I had gluten free pies that taste like heaven. Thank you so much for being here and doing what you do for all of us with special diets. - Joel

The four layer chocolate torte was so creamy and flavorful, with a delicious crunch to it! - Jay

The chocolate chip muffin was SO good, especially with the cold milk you serve. My mom, Suzanne, loved the quiche. She said it was very flavorful. It wasn't crowded in here either, a perfect breakfast. - Ryan & Suzanne

Dear Stellar GF Bakery, I pray that God blesses your business and that you will be able to see Jesus move in your lives. Thanks for being a blessing. - Mikayla

WOW! Incredible Quiche! Best carrot walnut cake. Best I've -HAD-! - Alyce

A Joy! to visit when we are on vacation! Look forward to the Best sandwiches & cookies!! - Amy

We love your GF bread! Every time we come to Florida coming to Stellar is a must! We also think the cinnamon rolls are to die for! Another favorite. - Mia

WOW! For we GFers, your place is heaven on earth. Finally, on Italian sub I can eat. Plan on seeing me often. - David

Our 4 year old son has Celiac Disease. What a blessing it is to have a place that he can come and pick out whatever he wants without fear! First visit-he loved it! - Carrie

The nitrate free meats are phenomenal! If in the area, stop in for a bite! You won't regret it! The muffins are delicious and moist as well. - Natasha

Everything we tried was amazing!! Do you ship to Canada? The cinnamon bun was life changing. - Jess & Dre

Awesome! Delicious! Awesome! Delicious! Awesome! The best bakery EVER! Awesome! Been here many times and we will keep coming back! Thank you. Thank you! - Sherry

Visiting from Toronto Canada and pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this GEM of a shop! Where I can buy more goodies than any GF person can imagine, my loaf of bread and pizza crust for the week. Premium ingredients and staff! Thank you :-) - Shelley

Loved everything we've tried-Bread, carrot cake, latte & service wonderful, helpful, and friendly. 5 stars!! - The Millers

The most yummy food I've ever eaten-The Eldest Child. - The Cozzens

We love this bakery. Everything is done PERFECTLY!! All that's missing is a recipe book for your out-of-town "Regulars". We will be coming back every chance & vacations that we take! Keep it up. - Taylor

Food is really good! - Jacob

The cinnamon roll is the best I've ever had GF or Regular - Tom

God Bless You All. I can't express in words how much this bakery experience means to me. Thank you. My visit to Florida was extra special & delicious. - Memmy

We have Celiac's. In Boston, there are no GF bakeries! It is great food! We love the cinnamon rolls especially. We wish you could come to the Boston area. It is so hard to just get a sandwich! Thank you for your delicious food. - Adah & Stefanie

Very Good food. It is worth coming. - Claira

Best cheese cake I ever had! (Great job). - Tom

I have not had a cinnamon roll in years, ever since I found out I was Celiac. This tasted exactly how I remember it from when I was a little girl. Thank you. To be able to eat a sweet from my childhood is a great joy. - Yvonne

I have not had a cinnamon roll in years, ever since I found out I was Celiac. This taste exactly how I remember it from when I was a little girl. Thank you. To be able to eat a sweet from my childhood is a great joy. - Yvonne

Delicious! Fresh! Great place to come for someone with Celiac Disease! Even if you don't you would love the food! and the ladies that work there are so friendly! - Angela

We like your food you got it's really good that I enjoy it alot.- Finnegan

Best cheese cake I ever had! (Great Job)- Tom

Very good food it is wroth coming. - Claira

Butter Cookies- Finnegan

Carrot walnut cake is absolutely fabulous with lots of creamy frosting. Excellent coffee to go with. Trudy

We had the cinnamon roll. BEST ever! (Including regular ones). We have to maintain strictly GF, and have not had a satisfactory roll in years. THANK YOU! Kitt & Kevin

I wish you had a store in PARRISH. We need one! - Mark

Thank you !!!! You make my tummy happy. - Lisa

Thank you for the 100% gluten free food! It is soooo good. - Lydia 9yrs old

You saved our Thanksgiving! Thank you for the delicious gluten free desserts. We were traveling from Chicago to Anna Maria Island over break, and we were relieved to find gluten free dessert options. Thank you! - Kristin

We call here every time we are in Sarasota, and the food is always delicious. My wife is the Coeliac in the family but I could happily eat everything on show. unfortunately we have nothing like this in the UK. - Nigel

Dear Stellar Gluten Free. I hope you will have a "Stellar" rest of your day! Thank you for supporting my school. - Maikayea 8yrs

For a guy who HAS to live GF, this place is heaven to me. Love it here! I will be ordering online! - Tom

Vegan Chocolate Cake. Not super chocolate, but good. Good cake, moderately sweet. If there were a star rating I would give 4 out of 5. Mary

I love it. Muffins are my favorite. Thank you. I love this place. CJ

All I want to say is thank you. I found a place that is safe & good.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Most amazing gluten free breads & pastries I've eaten to date since I had to go gluten free in 2012. It's such a wonderful treat & so much like the real thing! We've been in Heaven! Cheryl & Kerri
Love your food:-). Awesome Food. -Dayten (child)

This Bakery is literally the best thing in my life! I have Celiac Disease which means I can only have gluten free, and this bakery is a Lifesaver! All of it's foods are so delicious. THANK YOU GLUTEN FREE BAKERY! - Laynie

Your cinnamon rolls are so good that I can eat them all day long. I love them even though I do not need gluten free stuff! - Grace

We are on vacation and I have been gluten free for 8 years so to see this bakery was a true treat! The muffin and quiche were absolutely amazing. The pumpkin muffin was the best I've ever had. - Erica

We come all the way from Kansas City Missouri for your amazing gluten free treats! Keep shakin & bakin. -2 Celiac Twins

I can't find GF cinnamon rolls anywhere. It has been years since I've had one until today. Your cinnamon roll w/frosting is pure heaven! Thanks for that! -Kelly & Kevin

Best Gluten Free Bakery i've tried! -Micaian

AMAZING! Cookies, cakes, pie, OH MY!! Really Good!!! We're from Texas and never get it :-). -Reese (Child)

This is the best place on earth. Come to this bakery! I LOVE it. Super good. Would come here everyday if I lived here!
Usually we -the two sons and husband of a wife on a gluten free diet- can only say a gluten free pastry is "Not Bad". But the scones and muffins we had today we can honestly say were delicious! Nick

Amazing. Simply Amazing. Best gluten free baked goods I've ever had! It had been 7 years since I had a cinnamon roll or sub sandwich. Thanks for being so friendly and amazing at your craft! Madeline H.--GA

Really enjoyed the Italian sandwich. The coconut chocolate chip muffin was delicious. Good selection of freshly baked and frozen gluten free items. Very friendly place. I'll be back and will try some other goodies. Lee

Wat een beerlyke muffins, brownie, en cinnamon rol! Geweldig dat onze dochter zo neeft genoten! - Fam Van Mierlo, Nedderland (Netherlands)

We visit from Wales every year. Discovered this place last year (2017) whilst staying in LBK. Heading towards Cape Coral this year, stopping off at Island Bakery to stock up. Good food & Gluten Free? Didn't know they could go together so well. Thanks -Brian & Jackie

I love your gf treats! I am from Rhode Island, so every time I come down to Sarasota/Venice area I always make a stop by for something sweet! Never disappointed! 10/10 :-) - Kailey

Your shop is Awesome! In Little Rock, I had Dempseys. Now I have you!!! Thanks for being here! - Toni

Please open on Cape Cod :-) Delicious Italians!

We were delighted to find your shop while visiting the area. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch of quiche and dessert of some of the BEST coffee cake ever. Also we purchased a loaf of GF bread to have at our hotel for breakfast. Thank you so much! Gemma & Victor (NJ)

It was grat this is the Best Gluten Free Bakery. Olivia (child)

I traveled 2000 miles to get here! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Heather

Thank you! I love coming on Thrusdays! The zucchini choclate chips are the best! Mikayla (child)

Beautiful, nutritious sandwich, very well made, a please to eat. Jean (Paris France)

YUM!!! Eileen

Wonderful service, great quiche & peanut butter cake. I'm in love with this place!! Karen

Super Cute, Delicious food. My mom has a wheat allergy and loves being able to eat at Stellar. We come here every time we are on vacation. Clint, Giselle, Mia (NJ)

Everything was delicious! The peanut butter cake was awesome! My daughter said itwas the best gluten free cookie she had ever had! Briell & Shawn

Easter cookies were amazing! Totally worth buying. I'm coming back here to get more stuff! Liv (child)

So Yummy. So so yummy! Muffin! Muffin! Ho Yay. Alana (child)

Cookies were delicious. The sandwich was savory with a nice taste. Thank you for being HERE~~

Muffins are excellent. Lunches are great. Have been coming here the last 3 years. Thanks again for your wonderful products & very clean facility. Erika & John (Canada)

Found this little treasure. The people are so nice. Knowing this is a family business makes it more special. We had a cinnamon bun-was to die fro! My husband wasn't able to leave any icing on the plate! Chantal & Gino

It tast so good. it was the Best I loved it. Sam (child)

Awesome Noah (child)

This is the best place/gluten free place on earth! Thank you so much. Your amazing! Naomi (child)


Fantastic! Fabulous! Get franchised and open a branch near Knoxville/Maryville TN!!!

You are masters of Gluten-Free! Thank you for this service-we appreciate you! Kelly

We come here every time we visit Sarasota and it never disappoints. My wife is the Celiac in the family, but I would defy anyone who was unaware that this is a gluten free bakery to tell the difference. Wonderful place, great food. Nigel

Their food is the best gluten free I've ever had! Jade

I enjoyed coffee and a lemon raspberry muffin. The muffin was so good, I'm taking one home to my husband. Maggie

The cinnamon roll is like a dream in your mouth!! Clara

It has been 4 years since I have enjoyed a cinnamon roll, The Stellar makes one that actually was the tastiest one I have ever had-Orgasmic is another way to describe it:-0). My sister isn't gluten free and she even commented on how great it was. Laura

Amazing little bakery. Enjoyed the food. (Subs) We will be back. Liz

The sandwich (sub) is super tasty! What is the bread made of? Wow! Can I come here, like, every day? Tira

I normally do not eat gluten free. I am on vacation with my sister. I am really surprised on how great your gluten free items are. I could not wait to come back and get some more. Judy

Absolutely delightful blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. Tender, flavorful and satisfying that sweet tooth. Baked goods to take home-a good find! Alan & Fran

Delicious mixed berry pie. Sweet and yumy super vibrant color. Mia & Sahar

Every thing is amazing. This place is a dream come true! Thank you! Lucy

Have you thought about opening at the University Parkway area? Thank you for creating delicious Gluten Free Baked Goods (breads & desserts). Gloria

THE ABSOLUTE BEST KEY LIME PIE! Scotty & Rene-Siesta Key Bike & Kayak

I think that they are very delicious and healthy! I will definately come back to enjoy another pumpkin muffin. Hannah

I LOVE the food! Thank you! Love, Mikayla

Very impressed by the selection and taste of your gluten free products! Thanks for a great lunch! I can't wait to come back:-) Taylor

This is Delicious. I LOVE it!!! Marcelana

Simply put...WOW! The Animal Nurse

We love you! Never change anything. You are doing everything right!!! Sherry

Having traveled the country and needing to deal with the realities of GF limitations, we have learned to recognize a winner. Stellar is everything their name implies!! The food and people are exceptional! No contamination concerns and everything is delicious!! Victoria & Neal

Everything was delicious. We will be back!! Regards from URUGUAY-Penarol

Thank you for making delicious gluten free foods! As someone who has a gluten allergy this place is a safe haven. I wish we lived closer because I would be here everyday! So yummy:-) Bailey

This place is so cool and it should be all around the world. Love :0 Isabella

Me Mum has Celiac Disease and Me Mum really enjoyed everything! Me Mum bought everything as well. Me Mum will be back in the fall. Me Mum's Son :-)

I love the butter cookies so much. 5 Star Place Olivia

My sister and I have had so much trouble trying to find a good tasting gluten free place. We found it! Thank you! Megan

Fantastic! Fabulous! Get franchised and open a branch near Knoxville/Maryville TN!!!

You are masters of Gluten-Free! Thank you for this service-we appreciate you! Kelly

We come here every time we visit Sarasota and it never disappoints. My wife is the Celiac in the family, but I would defy anyone who was unaware that this is a gluten free bakery to tell the difference. Wonderful place, great food. Nigel

Their food is the best gluten free I've ever had! Jade

I enjoyed coffee and a lemon raspberry muffin. The muffin was so good, I'm taking one home to my husband. Maggie

The cinnamon roll is like a dream in your mouth!! Clara

It has been 4 years since I have enjoyed a cinnamon roll, The Stellar makes one that actually was the tastiest one I have ever had-Orgasmic is another way to describe it:-0). My sister isn't gluten free and she even commented on how great it was. Laura

Amazing little bakery. Enjoyed the food. (Subs) We will be back. Liz

The sandwich (sub) is super tasty! What is the bread made of? Wow! Can I come here, like, every day? Tira

I normally do not eat gluten free. I am on vacation with my sister. I am really surprised on how great your gluten free items are. I could not wait to come back and get some more. Judy

Absolutely delightful blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. Tender, flavorful and satisfying that sweet tooth. Baked goods to take home-a good find! Alan & Fran

Delicious mixed berry pie. Sweet and yummy super vibrant color. Mia & Sahar

Every thing is amazing. This place is a dream come true! Thank you! Lucy

Not having access to gluten free products has been difficult. Having one of these subs brought me back home! The BEST Gluten Free bread I've ever had! And the cinnamon bun...Even Better! Jimmy

Vegan Peanut Butter Cake! gluten free, dairy free, egg free!!! Whaaat?? Best I've EVER had! Thanks for the quality, YUMMY treat! Vivi-noto

I need to move to Florida now, just so I can continue to enjoy such delicious treats! The pie crust is crumbly and deliciously complements the filling, and the cookies are all fantastic! I'll be making a return trip, just to try out one of the cinnamon rolls. Jessica

LOVED the cinnamon rolls! So great to have a SAFE place to come and eat as a celiac:-) Kailee

It is so rare to find an exclusive gluten free bakery. And a great one with that! I am visiting from LA and I am pleased to find a delicious GF bakery on the other side of the country. Thank you:-) Rachel

Fantastic Food! Such a pleasure to come out to eat with our young daughter with Celiac and not have to worry! She was thrilled to be able to freely share our food. Absolutely fantastic. You made our vacation!! Thank you! From NY

The best gluten free pepperoni pizza ever! 11/10. Jack

It is the best bakery. I love the chocolate chocolate chip cookies! Amanda

Finding your bakery was a high light of my trip to Sarasota. It is always a challenge avoiding gluten and staying well when away from home. Thank you for making it not only safe-but delicious, too! Hilary

I just want so much of it! Looks so so super good!! Can't stand how yummy it is, even when it's gluten free! My mommy love it also because she has a gluten allergy. There is so much to enjoy with family and friends! Audrey

I find the products of the highest quality and consistent. Albert

Wonderful. Love the breads& egg salad sandwich. Yum.

First time here and we loved our Italian subs. This will be our new deli! Thanks for making this gluten free lifestyle more enjoyable. Robby & Michelle

This is the best place I have ever beento. That is the best cinnamon bun I have ever had, even thought I have only hadon in my whole life:-) Evan, 6 yrs

I love your pizza. The mozzarella is really good. And the cookie is the best. Ellie (child)

We purchased banana walnut,chocolate chocolate chip, coconut chocolate chip, and zucchini chocolate chip.All of these muffins are great. My favorite is the coconut chocolate chip and my daughter's favorite is the chocolate chocolate chip. The staff was helpful with the purchases. I wish we had a shop like this in Delaware. Thanks so much.Jesse

Love this place! Wish you would come to Connecticut! Thanks for the best muffins and rolls! Christine& Karl & Kenneth

Thank you for all you do :-)

Delicious & Moist!

We come here every day when we visit Sarasota! Best gluten free food and cakes in the world. Highlight of our trip! Fife, Scotland

As we say in Boston...This place is wicked awesome! Diane & Dana

COME TO COLORADO and always keep the cinnamon rolls! Rachel

From Chicago. Nothing like this up there! We wish there was! Nothing taste's like this GF! Fred & Suzanne

One of the best vanilla cakes that are gluten free. Also the muffins are good as regular flour, maybe better. Josehine (child)

The bread was so fresh-unlike any gluten free bread I've ever had. It was soft and delicious. Joy

WOW! Delicious quiche. Bam

Please branch out to Canada your food is really good. Sam (child)

To enjoy a cup of coffee with organic milk and nibble on a delicious pecan coffee cake while sitting in this pleasant care is soothing to the spirit! Thank you for this gift!! Sandy

What a great place! The food is so good. Norway has a lot to learn from you. Been here for three weeks and I'm sure gonna miss this place. Jeanette

Coming from the UK, it is great to find a place like this. It is a treat for me to eat great gluten free food. (My husband loves it too). Thank you very much. Margaret

The BEST cinnamon roll ever! Thank-you! Kayla

Absolutely divine muffins and great coffee! Keep up the good work. Paula (Canada)

"Gluten free" is not a "choice" for me since I have Celiac. This was the best, softest bread since being diagnosed! Lunch was great, can't wait to try the cinnamon rolls and coffee cake. We'll definitely be back! Doug & Laila

Very Good! David (child)

Fantastic! Fabulous! Get franchised and open a branch near Knoxville Tennessee!!!

You are masters of Gluten Free! Thank you for this service-we appreciate you! Kelly, Chicago

I love love love your carrot cake and Christmas cookies, yum! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️your bakery! 😀😀😀.

So good. I bet everything I did not try is really good. The sandwiches are good too. Lena, age 7

The cinnamon rolls are like a dream in your mouth!! Clara

I enjoyed coffee and a lemon raspberry muffin. I'm taking one to my husband. Maggie

Their food is the best gluten free I've ever had! Jade

I am not disappointed by the hype of the gluten free bakery's cinnamon roll. Definitely recommended as the sweet tooth of a gluten conscious individual can be severely deprived.
Thank you Stellar flour, to the personable bakers that make it magic! Kaleigh

My girlfriend & I came here for her birthday from Chicago. Can't say enough how amazing the desserts are and the sandwiches too! The service is impeccable. Received a birthday surprise cupcake. Highly, highly, recommend anyone & everyone to try this gluten free Gem! Both gluten & not gluten free patrons! Tony & Jenny

This time around we had strawberry rhubarb pie, zucchini chocolate chip muffins, and a roast beef sub. All excellent! Will definitely revisit. Great staff too! Chris and Pam, OH

Wow! A moist delicious GF bread. Thank you. Julie

Cheesecake was yumm-o! Lots of variety. Excellent food. Ohio

The highlight of my vacation. As a Celiac I can tell you it is hard to find this kind of GF awesomeness. So happy I don't need to sacrifice any flavor here. Everything melts in my mouth! Elisa, NJ

When this place is closed, I'm like...Darn, Darn, Darn it, DARN! Khiara, 10 yrs

Love the gluten free cookies! They are the best! Stellar is a gluten free heaven. Vanessa from Germany

Beautiful muffin!!! Excellent !!! SUPER! Sofia, Italy

Very good food!!! Muffin very excellent!!! Victoria, Italy

Heard about this place in Norway. Delicious sub! We drove up from Fort Myers, could hardly wait! I wish we had this in NORWAY. Will be back, soon :-) Linda

Best Peanut Butter cake ever! I traveled just to have it again! We came last year and now I get cravings just for this dessert! This is now a yearly tradition! Marissa

I love this place. Food I would give this place all 5 stars. Breanna

We were so excited to find a gluten free cafe on our vacation for my 11 yr. old son. We had the roast beef sandwich and egg salad sandwich. It was wonderful and very tasty. The gluten free bread was soft and tasted great. Wonderful service and they also had a list of local restaurants who offer their gluten free breads and buns. This was heaven sent on our 1st day at Siesta Key Beach! Pam

Chocolate chocolate chip very good taste better than anything with wheat. Vegan Peanut Butter cake absolutely delicious! I just love this place, everything is so good! The Williams

Your cinnamon rolls are quite good! The roll has very good mouth feel, not grainy/granular feeling at all. The taste is pleasant as well with just the right amount of sweetness/cinnamon too. Thanks!!! Darin

5/7. Awesome! That's a perfect score in my mind. Noel

I was so incredibly excited to find you guys!! I have allergies to both gluten and dairy and I was ecstatic to find so many options!! I honestly don't know when the last time I had a sub and your Italian was to die for!! I didn't stop there and had your chocolate cake for dessert!! OMG-in heaven! Love you guys! Emily, Wendy & Carolyn

Just had to come back after last year---was as good as I remembered. Karen

So happy you are serving lunch again! Any chance the tuna salad will return?

Came from Brazil, spent 3 days in town, eat here everyday. Everything is delicious. Apple pie, mix Berry pie, cinnamon roll, and the frosting, Ohhh!!! Loved everything. Please keep doing this, spreading the message to the world. Love---Alex & Beatris

Just a note to let you know that the hamburger buns arrived on Wednesday in great condition!! I appreciate so much, your sending them to me. Now, I can celebrate summer like everyone else and indulge in burgers too! Your items are truly the best out there for people like me that are gluten intolerant! May God Bless! Evangeline

Thank you for providing a wonderful product that my girls with a dairy allergy can eat. Your service was kind & prompt and it makes us happy to support a small business with people like you. And thank you for the brownie birthday treat!!! Leslie

This bakery is a must to visit when we are in the area. The coffee is good, as is the food, (and it's my wife that suffers gluten intolerance not me). FANTASTIC. Nigel

Yo make great foods! Lucia (child)

Thank you :-). My first experience with gluten free/celiac. How very exciting to feel comfortable eating out with "NO FEAR"! Thank you ! Plus it's delicious! Diane

Very Yummy!! love your Bakery a lot! T (child)

The vegan chocolate chake was to die for:-) Taylor

The food is good. Cinnamon Roll= A+ I AM SO EXCITED! Colin (child)

This food is delicious! I Love it! Natalie (child)

My previous note was up on the board, and I still agree with it extremely! The oatmeal cookies are amazing. They are SO GOOD !! Mia

The Key Lime Pie was fresh, tart and smooth. I would highly recommend this product. Maurice


Thanks so much for the extra work you do to ship directly to us. Your products are such a blessing for my daughter and she looks forward to their arrival so much. Renee

There are a handful of dedicate GF Bakeries around the country-I've tried a few. Island GF Bakery is the Best. Your products are delicious! Thank you for your dedication to GF safety and quality. I Love it! Anna

Keep up the Great Work!

Best Gluten free I've had and I'm a Baker!

Mom loved it and now has a place to get a yummy treat she can eat and feel safe doing so!

The muffin was so spongy and soft unlike other gritty gluten free products that I've tried! It was really delicious. The Key lime pie square was one of the best I've ever had! I can't believe the crust is gluten-free!! Jaina

I like the blueberry muffins. Scarlett

I love your cinnamon rolls! The're so good!

Absolutely LOVE the peanut butter cake!! Also the cherry pie! Thanks for being a Gluten Free Bakery! Keep up the awesomeness! Eve

Delicious banana walnut muffin and cappuccino. Good to eat something so tasty and without all the nasties! Thank you. Molly

Loved the Key Lime so much, both the cranberry-orange bread. Moist & tasty-ENOUGH SAID! Thank You Todd & Tom

Visiting from Dayton, Ohio. My brother & I stopped in & had Gluten free Key Lime Pie. Very Good!! Tart & tangy & the crust was crunchy & chewy. Excellent!! Thanks Todd & Tom

My name is Emma I am 8 years old. I already ate three things here and I would like to buy every thing in the entire store if I could. Thank you. Emma, Washington

Marvelous product!! Delicious, and wonderful service to those in need of gluten free items!! We are from MN and make this a frequent stop each year when we visit! We make it a point to "stock up" each time we visit. Bless you for blessing us!!

Your muffins are FABULOUS!!! Also loved the spinach feta pizza. Barbara

The real macoy! mmmmmm....... Best ev's! Delisheousos! Love Char, Columbus OH

Ah-maze-ing!! What a find on our vacation! Thank you for mastering the flour ratios so we don't have to :-). Great service, great food, we will definitely be back! Brittany & Ryan

Great scone, muffins, and coffee. We will be back. Jacquie

It's been so long since I've had chocolate cake that the vegan chocolate cake made me want to cry an entire fountain of happy tears. Kim


Thanks so much for your yummy items. A true gem! As a GF family it is hard to travel.Thanks for making it so much easier!!! Katie

The strawberry Rhubarb pie is outstanding!

I loved the chocolate chocolate chip! It was so chocolaty and very good! Thank you! Gabriella (child)

The cinamon bun tastes so good with frosting. Joe (child)

Momma is so happy to finaly be able to eat something that isn't chicken salmon or mulch! Thank you for making this wonderful bakery!

Best cinnamon roll on the plantet!! It is soooooo good! I have never found anything this good in the 6 months Ive been gluten free. I also LOVE the pizza crust and the muffins Take this from a 3rd grader. Caroline

Great bread. Bread is amazing. We love the bread. Cainn, N.Zealand (child)

Yum! Yum! Yum! Delicious! Simply the Best. Wish you were in Greensburg, PA!! Anita

From out of state and GF so thankful to have walked in your place- Absolutely delish-best GF goods we have had at any bakery yet- Awesome job- Damaschle, Chicago

So good it tastes like I am eating gluten again! You guys are gluten free masters! Isabella

An Oasis in a Gluten-Filled World! Thank you The Samuel Family, UK

Thank you so much for making delicious products that taste & have the texture of gluten products. I appreciate how clean & upkept the store is & the frendly, informative service was outstanding! It is nice to know the restaurants that we can eat at.

Thank-you so much for a wonderful treat! To be able to enjoy a sandwich is so fun. The breads are fantastic! Sherry

It is so wonderful to find you folks. My wife has Celiac disease and as a result I have gone gluten free as well. A bit of a challenge at times, but I do like how it works for both of us. Keep up the good work and excellent food. John

Your awsome. I love your kake and mufins and cinamins rolls. I'm really happy your restrant is glutin free becasue I can't eat glutin. Your bakery is awsome. Luke (Child)

Best muffin in the whole world (child)

Tast graet Love it Awesome (child)

Never had gluten free food before. Could not tell the difference, it was really lovely. Would come again. Thanks Karen, Ireland

Really enjoyed our visit to a gluten free cafe. Food simply delicious. We were a bit unsure as we've never had gluten free food before. Would strongly recommend this cafe. Thanks Emily & Paul, Ireland

Great. Love It. Thank you for starting it. Ellie (child)

So happy to have found this place, while on vacation-Every thing is delicious & we tried as many as we could!!!! Enid

The Choklate Kacke is a very sweet juicy kake that i really enjoed. Karlotta (child)

Best food ever! Love all of your food! Especially GF cinnamon rolls! Also since I'm GF I think there to good! Colton

Best Muffins EVER!! Love Stellar Emmy

Such good food it was worth coming from Toronto. Sam

Wow it tastes so good. I haven't tasted something gluten free that tastes so amazing. Maggie

We love your food-wish you were at Anna Maria Island.

Thank you so much! We love coming from Ontario to warm Florida and being able to have Gluten Free Egg Free YUMMY treats! Shirley

I have been GF for years so it is nice to be able to eat a cinnamon roll can enjoy knowing I will not feel sick afterwards. It was yummy. Judy

Amazing apple pie also amazing butter cookie also amazing chocolate cake! Calei :) Yum!

Such an amazing space! The food is delicious and the people are wonderful! This is my new favorite place to enjoy Gluten Free desserts! P.S. Strawberry Rhubarb A+ Jaqlyn

Absolutely amazing! I've never had yummier GF food! The pizza, breads, muffins, & cookies are to DIE for! Tia

Chocolate cake texture of cake and icing was amazing. Also flavor was amazing!!!

The scones and cinnamon pecan coffee cake as "SIMPLY THE BEST" Bob & Liz from Scotland

Completely awesome! This was the first time in 5 years our "celiac family" has been able to visit a bakery, walk in, order and not worry! Thank you for your bakery...and here's to Stella for helping us all! Andrea

the brownie and cinnamon roll is super good. and taste awesome and the butter cookie. Addison (child)

I like this bakery because the cinnamon rolls are good. Cole (child)

The butter cookie is soooo good. ":-) AMAZING

It is great. It look's good, it tast's good, it smel's good, it sounds good, it feel's good, so it is good. (child)

Delicious Butter Cookies! Lee Family

Thanks. Love the gluten free bakery. Danielle

You have lot's of good food mostly the choclit chip muffins. We need gluten free because my brother needs it. thank you. :-) Aryssa (child)

I like cholte chip cookie's and pupkin pie. I love gluten free cookes' and pie''s. thank you :-) Evan (brother of Aryssa)

I haven't been gluten free for long but ever since I have become gluten sensitive it has been really hard to find good food. Once we found this place it made me really happy. The cinnamon rolls are to die for! My favorite part was that you let us place an order to take back to North Carolina!!! Tyler

Always great products as well as ambience. "Bon Apetiti". Barb & Joe Celiac Support Group Manatee

This food is yumy :-) Lucas

When I took the first bite of my pumpkin cake I was very impressed. It was so creamy and moist! Karlotta

Even though I am not GF I still think this is the best bakery in the WORLD. Every thing is made w/love and care. Carefully prepared and beautifully presented. - Anna

I love your food. It is gluten free too. It even has no soy. Thank you for doing this so Yas Yai can enjoy this good food. - Joe P.

Cinnamon Roll to Die for! Perfect-Just buy it!!

The French bread is crispy on the outside and wonderfully chewy and stretchy on the inside.
We are so glad to find you! Anna H.

This dairy free peanut butter cake is amazing. It hits the top ten cakes I have ever eaten. I am lactose intolerant so this is an amazing option for me. Many thanks. !AMAZING! - Marissa

The zucchini chocolate chip muffins and the peanut butter cakes are literally some of the best things I have ever eaten! I just can't stop eating them! I only wish I discovered this bakery sooner! -Bella

We love your baked goods! All great, tasty and gluten free. Michele E. Love From Oregon

Just had a sticky bun. Amazing! Best GF sticky bun I ever had. Wish you had a store in York, PA

Thank you for the delicious Key Lime Pie! Such a treat to find your GF Bakery. Keep up the good work! Sandy D.- Toronto ON

I had the bomb Cinnamon Roll. Picture this: 3 hours of sleep. Energy level below zero. Nothing is going my way. Then, Stellar Gluten Free bakery saves the evening! I am saved with the best cup of coffee and cinnamon roll ever! Thank you. -Cree Lee

Thank you, you majestic beings that create the greatest GF foods! You are the wind beneath my GF wings. I love you. - Madison K.

Best Gluten Free food I have every had!!! Hopefully everyone will know the joy your food brings to my tummy!!! - Sydney H.

Best Chocolate chip cookies ever! Tastes like regular cookie! Charlotte D.

I died and went to heaven. The best I've had in 5 yrs. I haven't been able to do better myself. Shirley H.

Everything is wonderful. Wish we had one where I live- Greensboro, NC. Carol M.

Best GF bread I've eaten. Great P.B. cake. Nothing like this in Trenton MI. Sharon S.

Delicious, healing, good food and drink for your body! We need more and more places like this!!!! Sandy V.

I love, love, love, the apple pie!!! The breads is so.....GOOD. Marilyn F.

The best food I ever had- ps make this shop everywhere. Love, Giovanini

I haven't had apple pie in over ten years. This was worth the wait. Thank you for doing Gluten Free Perfectly Delicious. Diane M. Staten Island N.Y.

It's the best stuff I can't express. Thank you for being here. Yanelis

Good & Best Gluten Free Place Ever! Lisiane & Andre

My mom loves this place. Thank you so much. My mom is gluten and dairy free so my family is lucky. Addison J.


Loved your GF pumpkin muffin & your blueberry scone! So happy you are here! Even happier when you open a GF bakery on the south Florida side where we live! Very few restaurants offer GF baked products in our area! Sandi S.

Best bakery around! We even cater with Stellar! Key Sailing, Sarasota. Jan

On our honeymoon from Michigan, so wonderful to see my new husbands happy face as he ate Strawberry Rhubarb pie!! Chris R.

I always come in for the pumpkin cake but today I tried the Banana Nut muffin. Just wonderful! Thank you for making such delicious treats than I can eat!! Diana H.

Thanks so much for opening this store. The food is amazing. The coffee is great too!! Can you please open a store in Calgary, Canada?? -Tom & Pam

Hello y'all- So excited (:-) to find you! I wanted to do a Happy Dance! I haven't tasted GF so good since I lived in Ireland & bought raspberry lemon bars in a GF bakery there (celiac disease is so prevalent, you get an RX from your doc then go to the chemists-pharmacist-& get your free GF products!) I just moved here from VA Beach & it's 13 miles to come here, but I'll definitely make the trip often. Thank you! Scones & bread are "brilliant" as the Irish say! Charlene C.

Awesome cinnamon roll!!! -Laurini Garcia

The pumpkin muffins are a WOW! Joanna S.

I hope they have your cinnamon rolls in Heaven! (child)

Best cinnamon roll I've had anywhere! Jennifer (Seattle)

I love your peanut butter cake and cinnamon rolls. I wish we had a store like this in Newfoundland. (Sam Age 9)

Love that your products are gluten free, soy free, and all natural! The textures and taste are absolutely wonderful, and the variety extends beyond what you normally find for gluten free offerings. The cinnamon bun is such a decadent treat! Kate

Drove an hour and a half just because we heard great reviews. As suspected the butter cookie to the cinnamon roll didn't disappoint. You would think they're gluten free but they are. Absolutely delicious! Mal & Maria

We were very excited to see the Gluten-Free sign. You need to open a shop in Ann Arbor MI. Joelyn

I love your cinnamon rolls. I love your bakery, especially! Lieha (6)

Every time I go to Florida I always go here. It's the best gluten free. I wish I could come here every day! :-) Brooke

The food here is to DIE for!!! Sooo good & flavorful and even better that it's so healthy. Had the Key Lime Bar...Amazing piece of heaven. Tony

The pie & the scone were tasty and fresh. Tim

Delicious apple scone. Thanks! Gainesville FL

Wow muffins are great! Chewy moist. Thanks so much. Lucy & Felecia

We come in for the muffins, not because they are gluten free but because they taste great. Bent (Canada)

Phenomenal products! I love their muffins and coffee. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly & helpful. I appreciate that they had a list of local restaurants that use their products as well! Great Place doing incredible things! Lauren

Best Pumpkin Pie Ever. Sam

The cinnamon bun was the best and the frosting made it yum yum. Giovanni

This is the best gluten free bakery ever! We LOVE it! Avery

Love the cinnamon rolls and coffee cake!! Great service too. Talisa (Seattle WA)



The cinnamon roll was delicious! And so was the peanut butter cake. I cannot wait to try the pizza tonight. Patrick & Jennifer


Visiting from the Chicago area. Best gluten free ever. We are making some selections from the freezer to take home for later today and tomorrow. The pumpkin scone and cinnamon roll were great. This bakery is one of Sarasota's hidden gems. Five star all the way. Would you consider opening a bakery near our home? Steve, IL

The softest, most moist GF bread I've ever tasted. The pastries are phenomenal as well. Great customer service, wonderful products. I was absolutely amazed. Demetrios (Houston)

Nobody does it better! Jane

You don't even realize you are eating gluten free! We had the cinnamon roll-better thank I could have imagined!!! We will be back to stock up on all your products. THANK YOU! :-) Jen

Marvelous cinnamon rolls! and butter cookies. And rhubarb pie. And coffee. A gluten free sugar addict-newlywed. Krista

Your cookies are really good. Rachel

Iced coffee began a espresso-perfect!! Yummy quiche & muffins!

Everything was perfect! You have by far created a line of superior gluten free products. Thank you for the wonderful food & hospitality. You can count on our continued patronage. Natasha

Your Key Lime Pie is very good!!! Mia

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is awesome. What a treat! Mary-Jo

Delicious Much love for all you do!

I'm from Florida and let me tell you that the Key Lime Pie is the BEST I ever had!!! Oh Yeah Gabriel

Thank you for the gluten free food. It is so good. Abby

Thank you for the gluten free food for the gluten free people that can't have gluten stuff. Thank you Gluten free People. Emilee

Thank you for the gluten free thing for my aunt Trish. Mattie

This place is awsome! The gluten free bakery has awsome muffins and everything (child)

We love your products and sincerely appreciate having a local dedicated GF bakery! My favorite is the cinnamon roll. Thank you for looking out for the GF community! Bonnie & Brody


It's so good! It should be sold everywhere in the U.S.A.! Thank you! I wish I could have it every day! Marih & Cole (child-Atlanta)

First apple pie in three years. It was soooo delicious. I will be back soon-probably tomorrow. B.

You put the mmmmmmmmmm back into my life :-).

Coming from New Mexico. Finding this bakery was a godsend---Thank you for being here! Some GF bakeries don't have fresh items so we really appreciate the wide, fresh selection. Emily & Ryan

I love this cafe! Every where is GF! The chocolate chocolate chip is so nice, I can really recommend this chip! I bought the blueberry and cinnamon & apple chip for home and the bread sample was very nice. I bought two bread. I LOVE THIS CAFE! Emman (Holland)

The Apple Pie was GREAT. However the Four Layer Chocolate Torte was SLAMMIN!

Our Lucky Day! Finding Stellar Gluten Free AND the quality/taste and service- So glad you are in Sarasota- Henry & Mac

I've stuffed my fat face with great cinnamon roll and now it's time to try on swimsuits... Greg

It feels good to eat your food. Tastes Great' Sal

Thank you the service is perfect. I love this place :-) Francesco

What a find! The products are great! We will be back! Joe

The pumpkin cake is very delicious. Karlotta

Awesome food!! Please come to the UK! :-) Lou (England)

That's a mean muffin! (in a great way). Not too sweet either. Thanks Reed & Ardys (NC)

First slice of pie in about 10 years! Thank you!!! Oma (Wisconsin)

Great chocolate cake! Thank you! Caden (5yrs) (Wisconsin)

First time visiting but came back over & over during our visit from Michigan. Can't find such good GF goodies in Michigan. Good Luck in the future. Ken & Dorothy

Also visiting from Michigan. Diagnosed with Celiac in 1987 at 18 months old. Have never found such great & fresh gluten free goodies. Such a rare treat to sit with a fresh baked good and cup of coffee. Keep up the great work. We can't wait to come back the next time we visit. Megan & Dave

Delicious pie & brownies. Thanks so much for the GF service! Gloria & Mike (Illinois)

We come here every year on vacation-everything is great-my daughter talks about the oatmeal cookies all year long! Jane

We come here every vacation! My sister talks about the oatmeal cookies all year long until we get here and she eats them, then she shuts her mouth about them and when she is done she still keeps talking about them. Please make on in Rhode Island where we are from! My whole family LOVES this place every single piece of food is great and delish! The best treat in Sarasota!! Love: Emma

I love you! Peanut butter cake & oatmeal cookies! Mia

I love your pastry. The scones especially. Monia

Absolutely delicious!! Helen & Alex (Canada)

Lemon raspberry is to die for.

Best GF bakery ever! So glad we found you!

Yay! Good gluten free! Best pie ever Ash (NH)

Great muffin & coffee! Looking forward to the Multiseed bread. I'm new to this.

Absolutely the BEST GF bread I've tasted in years!! Such a variety of products, too!! It makes a big difference when products are made with heart!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Just a word of advice...Their chocolate chocolate chip muffins are AMAZING!!

Come all the way from the capital of enjoy this gluten free products!!!

That is good (child)

OMG-Emily & I ate the cin role. Soooo dang gooooood! (KS)

Thank you for the food that I can eat. It was good. Thank you. (Maryand)

This place was such a blessing to come to! My trip to Florida for the first time was made all the more beautiful! Thanks, Melissa

There is only a handful of places, stores, where you can get gluten free, dairy free, egg free products!! Thank you for being one of them. You're making our life a lot easier!!

We own property in Maine-want to open a bakery there? a refinished barn w/ horse stall door walls- may be a little too rural to support a GF bakery?

Traveling from Neptune. This muffin really brought me down to earth. I don't know if I'll ever go back. Hey, It's like that song I heard at that game you call baseball the other day...well, I root, root, root for the Stellar Bakery! It's Stellar! Royin

I love your food it's so delicious. Also I love the pie and the cupcakes, brownies and other pastries. Elizabeth

I love your cinnamon rolls and the pies are so good. You guys make the best gluten free food! Also I like how the store looks. Juliana (child)

Best gluten free cake I've ever had in my entire life. 5/5 Best. Drew (child)

What a wonderful blessing to find this treasure of a place! Delightful flavors enchant my taste buds. Thank you! Heather

It's the best muffin in the world.

Thank you so much for being here and making our honeymoon so delicious! Jenn & Justin

Very good scone, pie & coffee! We will be back. Larry

Came all the way from Long Island, New York. Best Bakery ever! Gets me ready for my national championship games. Thank you! :-) Lily

Wonderful, Amazing Chocolate Cake! Better than any gluten filled one I've ever had!!! Thank you for having such a wonderful product! Keep it up! I can't wait to try more. Genesis & Slade

So good my man!!!

Coconut Choco chip muffin is so tasty, moist- I love it!! (Tastes almost like a cupcake-shhh!!!)

I discovered your gluten free bakery 3 yrs ago and when family came down for the last 2 yrs have stocked up on some of the most delicious baked goods they have ever eaten (3 in family are GF, but all 5 eat it) Raisin bread, muffins you name it, you cannot go wrong. All items more tastier than other brands that have a gritty taste. Maddy

Every vacation I come to Florida, my family and I always come here and I love the oatmeal cookies! They are so GOOD! Mia

Please come to Rhode Island! Jane & Shawn

I love this place! There are so many choice to choose from. Thank you for the gluten free options. Brooke age:8

I love your food it is the best. Katelyn & Trey KY

A savory treat Rich Strawberry Rhubarb pie Deliciously Sweet. Lucy

Best gluten free peanut butter cake ever! :-) Natalie

YUMMY! :-) Gaya

We served your chocolate chocolate chip muffins to my son's class at school for his birthday and the kids has no idea they were gluten & dairy free. They loved them!! The parents & teachers wanted to know where we got them! Thank You!! :-) Jennelle

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to walk in here and watch my husband order anything without asking questions! What a joy! Thank you! Marie

An absolute joy for Celicas like myself :-). Wonderful choice of products. Doreen


Yummy in my tummy~Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin~ So soft & moist! Nom! Nom! Kourtney & Silvana

You have the best muffin in the whole world. I am not lying. Giovanni

The best food on the planet. Hope ya'll expand around the world.

Best muffin in the whole world. Giovanni (child)

The muffins are divine. The bread is soft and tasty. We'll be back! Thank you! Diane & Don

I like your food. James

I have been allergic to Gluten for a long time. My whole family except my brother is allergic to Gluten. Thank you so much! Your chocolate chocolate chip muffin was AMAZING!! :-) Karri (9 yrs old)

Multi Seed sandwich bread and muffins are the best of gluten free products I have tasted. The coffee is just perfect. Absolutely a must for all. Helen (Canada)

I love your coffee and muffins. You should stay open forever.

The pumpkin roll you made is very good and yammi! Karlotta (child)

Love You Guys! Nate

Staying away from a trace of gluten is never easy for a person as sensitive as I. I can not define how grateful I am for a place such as this. The food is delicious and remarkable. Thank you so much for your service!!! My experience was truly Stellar! Andrew

Best Blueberry Muffin-Ever. Amazing cheese pizza! Great ham & cheese sandwich! We need you in Orlando! :-) Lopez Family

Coming from California and Oregon, we have lot of selections. So THANK YOU! for making yummy and delicious goodies for us GF-ers to eat. Blessings and joy!

I can't thank you enough for getting into this business! You helped make my vacation GF which is never an easy task. Will

Lovely lovely bread! I am so happy I could cry-am just a soppy soft English woman! And now going to get some Key Lime Pie and eat it at the beach:-). Sheila

Died and gone to heaven!!! So good-worth the drive from Anna Maria. Found you online before we left for our vacation. So glad we did. Excellent service and friendly, informed staff too. Thank you. The Zitos- Oakville Canada

Please come to Ireland:-). Fabulous food. We have been 4 times while on our holidays from Ireland and each time is great. Food yummy and staff lovely. Gluten Free Bakery Mmmmmmm. Pamela

I love your butter cookies. It taste just like a reguler cookie just better for you and healthier than other cookies. I love them. I love Gluten Free Bakery. Zoe (child)

An amazing lunch. Thank the Lord for Stellar Gluten Free. A road to wellness. Paula

Great food. I had a cake and it was amazing. You wouldn't think it's gluten free.

We're visiting from Toronto Canada. Can't even tell that there isn't any gluten in the muffins. Taste just like ones with, though even better! I was so happy to find a GF Bakery! They are so hard to come by when you're on vacation! Steve, Christina, Michelle

I loved this gluten-free sandwich! It was amazing and I loved the cookie!!! Lily-Rose (8yrs)

We drove an hour to get here. My gluten-free mom hadn't had a sandwich in months until now! Great food! The great sandwich! Alys (12yrs)

I love, love, love, this place and everything they have! Thank you for what you are doing! Linda

Gluten free diets challenges every trip to a restaurant and/or bakery. Finding your business with excellent baked products and friendly staff created a delightful experience for me. Wish New Jersey had the Island GF Bakery!! Joan

How can a mother describe the feeling she gets when she sees her child eat delicious food that won't hurt them? Grateful. Joy. Complete Happiness:-) And you know the food is good when someone says, "This carrot cake is better than the gluten-made kind." Jeannie

Diagnosed with Celiac in 1990. Best GF food, especially bread, I have ever had! Thank you. Chasum

I predict this will be America's top gluten free products of the future. Love, love, love! Ron & Kathy

Thank you, thank you, thank you! OMG! THE BREAD! Yum - Cocoa, FL

Best pizza crust ever!! Pam (Dublin Ireland)

Such an amazing experience!!! hands down best, fluffiest, gluten free bread!!! Thank you for dedicating so much time and energy to provide for the gorwing GF community! You are loved! Thank you! Pamela

Delicious GF sandwiches-bread nice and fluffy. Thank you.

So nice to have a "safe" place to eat/enjoy goodies while visiting Grandma & Grandpa!! The pizza was great & the choc. chip cookies melt in your mouth!

Amazing chocolate chocolate chip muffin. Great pumkin muffin! and love apple cinnamon muffin! Jordan (Child)

good, awesome, cool, perfect, food (Child)

A spectacular bakery with a variety of flavors and items. It's a great find near the beach. Being on vacation and having Celiac can be challenging some days, so it was a wonderful dessert stop. Geoff

I ordered a sandwich that was delicious. I was also very excited to see the desserts you offer:-). Thank you! Need to open one in Macon, GA! Kim

We have been gluten free for six years. We have never had gluten free desserts and sub sandwiches that were a delicious as yours. Everything was fresh and very yummy. We will be back over and over again! - Susan

Amazing subs! Haven't had a sub since I went gf nine years ago! Your other products, like muffins, are excellent as well!

We came from Venezuela Colombia to try the food. Everything was excellent. Great food "CONGRATULATIONS" Apple pie is a must!!! Great. Luis (Drove from Miami)

We sure wish that you could expand your chain to Piqua, Ohio. Savannah (child)

Peach Pie-Yummy!- Marcia

Your staff is excellent. I brought my friend who has Celiac disease. I am not on a gluten free diet. I found the food was very fresh and tasty. Thank you for having this bakery.- D. T.
Quiche was amazing and the latte was better than most coffee shops in town. Great family run space that focuses on a huge issue a lot of people in our community are struggling with-gluten in our diets. Thank you...Shannon

This is so much yum! Can we come here again?- Carson (age 4) Sister and super taster Adia: It doesn't even taste gluten free!

I ordered the italian sub and it was amazing! The hoagie roll was phenomenal! Definately will return for another round of deliciousness! Tracey

Your sub roles were soft and hearty at the same time-very satisfying & delicious! The blueberry lemon scone tasted good. Thanks! Everything was delicious!- Karen

Cinnamon roll with icing was amazing, also the Granola is fantastic. Hard to believe a taste this good could be so healthy!! Ryan

Best muffin I have ever eaten. Been gluten free for over 20 years and male-so it has been difficult. This place is (bloody) Brilliant! M. Taylor Sheffield UK

CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!! Gluten free and absolutely perfect! Molly, Brent, Amber & Rachel

All of your food and treats are so good! I love this gluten free bakery! Mia

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac in this past year. It has been difficult finding food I can eat. When I walked thru the door I found my own little food heaven. The bread...OMG...there are NO words to describe but AMAZING come to mind. That coupled with the impeccable customer service makes this my new favorite place to eat. Alice

Just like Arnold said " I'll be back". Barry

AWESOME APPLE PIE! My first taste of both Vegan and Gluten Free. Loved it! Joan

Best cinnamon roll ever! Congratulations Karrie & Patty

Thank you, Thank you! Coming from MN we actually plan our vacations around GF options so I can eat. Sarasota is my favorite destination for your peanut butter cake. I dream about it for a whole year. You guys rock! Lisa

From NY- what a pleasure to find this place. Had scones & muffins- yummy!! Donna & Karen

We visited you for a "pre" mother's day treat and had our first chocolate brownie. From one mother to another "mother", you have birthed a sweetie! We love your brownies! Thank you, Tam

Delicious :-) Avery

Wonderful cinnamon rolls! What a treat for me! I think I died and went to heaven! Laura -NY

Very delicious chocolate chip muffin. Service was excellent as we. The gentleman was friendly. Good Job.

Excellent sandwich! Carl & Carol FL

It was good! Love Luke

What a treat! Want to open a store in Maryland?

Very good food! Jessica & Tim NY

We had sandwiches for lunch "Delicious" and returned for dessert later. The lemon raspberry muffin and four layer chocolate torte were "Awesome". Thanks from Iowa

Awesome food! Great home away gluten free options. We will be back and recommend to everyone! GF Love- MD

Thoroughly delighted to find this gem. The kids and I enjoyed our visit and appreciated your kindness! John, Seth & Jessica- DC

I love your cake. Hope

You guys have the best GF food in the world! THANK YOU!

I ordered a chocolate brownie. It was DELICIOUS! Yum, yum, yum Elise

Delicious! nom, nom Caroline

I thought we were lost-but now we were found!! My hubby & I made a made a wrong turn at 41-went to turn around and saw your sign "Gluten Free!" Wow- Love the cinnamon rolls.

FABULOUS! Thank you!

Nothing compares! Great products-Thank you. Toronto Canada!

Soooooo Yummy!!!!! I love you guys!!!!

We love this place. Food is wonderful!

Awesome cinnamon rolls. Tasted like mom's.

The pizza and pies are excellent! Thanks!

Love the pie-I wait all year for it- Jay- Wisconsin

I love your sandwich and the muffins are amazing! Olivia

Amazing lunch & carrot cake. Very Happy!

This is great food and love it. It is so hard to find a gluten free bakery & cafe. When I came to FL I stopped by to get something from this place. Keep it up! I'm from upstate NY-Kathy

The best GF food we've ever had! Thank you so much! We just moved here from the mid-west and we are SO thankful to have good GF food! You all ROCK! Sydney & Holly

The best GF food we've ever tasted

The key lime pie is so, so good. It's not too tart or overly sweet and the cookie crust is excellent. Jason

I have never tasted such wonderful GF bread and the French bread is absolutely heaven not to mention the tastiest muffins and scones ever. Glutino's and Udi's are certainly missing out on this one. Helen

By far the best GF bread I've ever had. Nick

The carrot cake is amazing-We will be back for more! Thank you!

Incredible. It's food that tastes like food! It's not stale, not dry, not card board. It is soft, wonderful, delicious, real food. It is happiness condensed into baking. We'll come back every time we travel from the lands of winter. Amelia

I really enjoyed my breakfast. I wish you were in Indiana. Your french bread is wonderful. Cathy

We've been all over the USA. Your products are by far the best. Thank you. Ruth

What a nice surprise to have fabulous GF products at our fingertips while on vacation. Being GF for almost four years, we have yet to taste bread so delicious. Thanks for being here and thanks for having a shipping option. We will definately be ordering baked goods when we get home! Sam & Xan, Massachusetts

Tuna was very good and bread delicious. Your restaurant is nice and clean and friendly.

WOW, what a great discovery! Thank you so much we really love your bread. Only wish we lived closer. Looking forward to having you ship us some great GF stuff. Clarke & Gail

I have had your white bread, raisin/cinnamon bread and granola. Key lime pie is also delicious. You operate a very needed service. It's nice to know I can eat and not get sick. Excellent quality and friendly service. M. White

So good! Great to find a gluten free bakery! Loved the bread-the best ever! Cookies are good too! We love this place! Kamyn

GF isn't always better than avoiding all substitutes, but Stellar is such a good GF Place! Really really really really good!! I love being gluten free!!-Elley

it is SO GOOD I LOVE IT (Child)

I have been on a gluten free diet for several months now. It is such a pleasure to enjoy your tasty treats and delectable desserts! It's great to know that gluten free products are not only healthy, but also scrumptious! I've recommended your establishment to others. THANKS! Dr. Vale-Sarasota

Am so grateful that you are here! Truly made our vacation perfect to have delicious foods that my daughter can eat! INCREDIBLE SOFT BREAD! Gluten free foods often have gritty texture-your's don't. Thank you!-Terri

Your food is good your brownies are good.- Ravyn and Mikie (Child)

I love this place It's Awesome.- Michelle

I love this place, very good food. Kathie

REALLY AWESOME!! Coconut/Choco Chip! Lemon/Raspberry! Comes with cappuccino-your in heaven.-Ray and Marjory The Netherlands

I've never had a pizza sub before until now and it was amazing! Thanks so much for the gluten free food. The brownies are delicious too!-Allie

I love your sandwiches and pies and cookies!- Jada Age 11

Date squares would be lovely to have please! Blackberry scone-better than my mum makes!!- Mo UK

Excellent gluten free Key Lime Pie!! Greeted by Happiness and served smiling. This was a pleasant little 5 minute stop!- DeWayne & Ildi

This pumpkin muffins is so dielishis. Karlotta age 6

Had the carrot cake and it was the best purchased carrot cake I have ever eaten. Thinking seriously of trying gluten free diet for my indigestion problems. Coffee is good also!- Barbara

The best gluten free sandwiches, muffins, bread and pizza crust that you will find in the USA. Whole Foods needs to carry you!! PS. Distribute to Austin TX

The Pie (heart, heart) Stuart Age 6 from MA

Fabulous! Wish there were facilities like this back in Cornwall Ontario CA- Guylaine

What a nice surprise to find a place to eat where gluten free isn't just a single option or begging to modify a meal with food we brought. My daughter loved your pizza and your peach pie.- Steve

I love that your place is all gluten free but the moment I tasted your cookies I was amazed!- Melina age 7

Chocolate chip muffins were AMAZING! THANKS! Damain age 10 from MA

YUM (Heart)- Torey

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! Best muffins ever! Ariana age 12

We made our first visit to Siesta Key over the holiday and found your bakery. My daughter has sever wheat allergies and tasty GF products are difficult to find. What a FIND in your bakery. We have never tasted bread anywhere as good as yours. The pizza was delicious and the bakery items delicate and flavorful. Clearly the best GF anywhere! Continue to the good work. Ellen

I'm from Michigan and stopped in while my dog was at the groomers. The strawberry rhubarb pie and pumpkin pecan muffin were not good-they were wonderful!!! The best I ever had! Can't wait till lunch time! Nancy

Apple cinnamon muffin moist and delicious. Anne

Cinnamon pecan muffin was d-lish!! My blackberry scone to die for.

Best Gluten-Free pumpkin muffin on the planet! Anne, NY

You saved our lives from misery and tastelessness! I love your muffins:-). The Best of the West:-) Olivia

Our second time: Delicious food. Everything is perfect. Antje-Markus-Helga-Wolfgang, Germany

The best pizza and sandwiches. Very great:-). We need such a great bakery/cafe in Germany too.
Absolutely delicious! I have been waiting a long time for such delicious muffins. Thank You! Ps. Appreciate the courteous, helpful staff and the clean environment. Dori

As a physician who practices what she preaches, I am so impressed with the bakery. My Best Body Now doctor devised health and wellness solutions requires gf & df so I recommend this bakery to my patients. Teresa

Amazing! I've been gluten and wheat free since the middle of my 3rd grade year! This is by far the best food I have ever tasted since I became gluten-free. Jeremy

We were so excited to see a bakery/cafe that is completely gluten-free! Thank you so much for your wonderful food and service. It's much appreciated. Brianne, TX

The Quiche is to die for! TX

Food is super good. Thank you! Brooke

Fabulous little shop and cafe. Very kind staff and excellent food. Thank you, it's so nice to be able to have pizza and muffins again with my gluten intolerance. We drive into town soly to come here for the wonderful food. Karli

Best gluten free food ever. It tasted better than a regular cookie. Kristina

I usually don't eat gluten free but the first bite I took of my turkey sandwich was amazing. A party in my mouth.

Thank you for offering gluten free food. I really enjoy it. I travel 90 miles to get here. Love the new place. Kristy

Best cookies ever! Child

I love this place! I wish there was one by us! The sandwiches are to die for and the butter cookies are too. The next time I come to Florida I am coming here! Caroline

Delicious bread. Best I've had by far. Thank you for everything! 5 star Alayna

This is the best gluten free food I have ever tasted. The muffins are a god send-they taste like they aren't gluten free. We will do whatever we can to get your products to us in Canada. Thank you! Elinor

We are from Canada and are thrilled to have found a GF bakery on our travels. Thank you so much for a delicious, worry-free lunch and some wonderful baked goods. Janet

Super delicious bread, sandwiches and pizza! I'm GF so it's always a pleasure to find a place like yours. Thank You! Whitney

Delicious bread, best I've had by far. Thank you for everything! 5 star Alayna

I had tried the key lime pie because I am a fan of pie, especially key lime. It was delicious. It was supercalofragalistixpealodocius! Tanya

I love this place! I wish you had one of these by us@ The sandwiches are to die for and the butter cookies are too. The next time I come to Florida, I'm coming here! Caroline

OMG! Most amazing food in the whole world! Alexa

Many are working to change the world for the better! Few do it with such good taste. Thanks-thanks-thanks

I love your food! Colin

Your key lime pie was so good and your pizza too. I love you. Andreina and Valentina
Excellent!! Absolutely excellent! Loved the veggie sandwich-The Best Ever! Elizabeth

The quiche is "delicioso" wonderful! Gisela

Coconut chocolate chip muffins are Amazing! Will certainly be returning for more. Thx, Jeremy

Gluten Free Done Right!! I love this place and everything I've tried has been DELICIOUS! Luann & Kelsey

Your food never ceases to amaze my mom and I! I absolutely LOVE coming home from Tallahassee to get a sandwich and a muffin. Thank you for your wonderful service! Emily

I LOVE your food!!! Colin

OMG...LOVE your Bread!!!! We tried lots of GF bread and this is the best of them ALL! Love your brownies. Isabelle

Excellent!! The best GF Bread ever!! Can't wait to come back. Michael & Mandy

Just moved to Tampa from Washington DC (where GF is everywhere!). So nice to have a bakery/deli that caters to those with Celiac & the gluten-intolerant in Florida. Will definitely be back for more! Thanks Elizabeth

Love, Love, Love this food! So awesome! Alexa

You have great butter cookies and other desserts!! Kate

Best cookies ever! A must have! Amazing! Alexa

GREAT!! Staff super friendly. Worth the 2 hour drive. Hope you open a shop in the Fort Myer area in the near future. Melissa

Regarding hot cheese pizza. WOW! Carol

The apple pie is awesome! I am Celiac and it felt good to eat somewhere I could trust! Jenn

We thoroughly enjoyed our sub sandwich lunch! Key lime pie was delish!! Can't wait to get back home to order from your website. Anne & Bobby Austin TX

Love From Mia

We came for a weekend trip to Siesta Key. We saw the gluten free bakery. We are so happy to find delicious breads and sweet treats that are exclusively gluten free. Thank you very much. God Bless you,. Olga-Orlando

Cinnamon roll-SO GOOOOD. Be back soon. Susan & Sandy

Kim, I love your pies. Carson

Your food is amazing and I especially love how even on vacations you can have access to such good gluten free food. The Rowan & Rasche Families

The blueberry scone was delicious. I'm a healthy food blogger from Minneapolis, look for a shout out @ Lee

"The pepperoni pizza is seriously delicious"!! Tay age 7 Austrialia

"That pizza was good and so were the chips". Finn age 5 Austrialia

Thank you so much! My submarine sandwich was gorgeous. I looked you up in Australia and we drove here especially to try your delights. Can't wait to eat my Key Lime Pie. Jo

Just about as good as a sandwich can get! Excellent bread. Also WILL BE BACK! Charlie

Yummy Yummy Yummy! Best lemon blueberry muffin EVER! The bread was spectacular! I hope I can come back again! Lisa

This was an amazing treat (blueberry muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls). I will place an order when I get back to Texas. Sarah

Just had the spinach Quiche and Rubarb/Strawberry pie which was just delicious!! The coffee was great too. From Miami hoping to have this cafe in Miami soon. Patty

Fabulous! Enjoyed the quiche and a yummy soft muffin!

I love you. Mia

I went gluten free about 2 months ago. I was NOT happy. I took a bite of your chocolate chip cookies (which I had been really wanting to eat) and it was phenomenal!!!!! Thanks soooo much Stellar! Grace

This is the first place I've been in years where I can eat whatever I want. This is my new favorite place to eat!!! Rhett

I think your brownies and cookies are delicious!!!!:-) Sebastian

DELICIOUS tasty nummy in my tummy. These words all describe your food. Kyle

"O" "M" "G" How Awesome!

We drove from Lakeland to look you up and found your bread remarkable. Best sandwich since he went on the GF diet a year and a half ago. Thanks so much. Alvin

I think it's awesome that there is a gluten free place-even though I'm not allergic to it. Sunny

We loved the pumpkin muffins and pizza!! Thank you!! Gluten Free From Austin Texas-Stacy, Julia, Sophie, Lyssy

Please open a gluten free bakery (restaurant) in Flower Mound TX (Dallas) Lori

Me and my girlfriend just ate here for the first time. IT'S THE ____! (Best) Antonio

Your blueberry muffins are delish! I haven't had a muffin in over a year. It was a nice treat. Camille

Thank you soooo much! It was honestly so delicious and we don't have anything like this in Georgia or Michigan. You guys are sooo friendly. Thank you Leanna

I love your muffins, sandwiches and your bread. This place is like an oasis in the middle of this town!! Thank you! BJ

I like that the zucchini chocolate muffins have a lot of chocolate chips. Eamon 7yrs.

Your chocolate cake is the best! Jesse

We've enjoyed your gluten free bakery during our stay at Siesta Key. Totally enjoyed some foods we'd not had in the past year since we went gluten free. Great sandwiches and sweets! P.S. Loved the cinnamon rolls! Ron and Karla

Your food is delicious. Not only does it say "Gluten Free, but it is truly gluten free. ALL of the facility is gluten free, not a piece of Wheat. I love this place and will come again as much as possible! Miranda-10 yrs old with Celiac disease

So HAPPY to have you all right in our back yard! I was so made when I was told I have Celiac-I thought it was the end of my love of FOOD world! Turns out it is not! Thank you so much! Crystal

The chocolate brownies are to die for. Justine

Everything is tasty, fresh, just right as always. Would you consider opening for lunch on Sundays? Thanks, Cindy

What a wonderful surprise! This place made our vacation from New Hampshire wonderful! I've never had pizza this good! Christine

Gluten free cake, cookies, bread! Mia

Absolutely Amazing!! I've never had such a great GF product. Thank you! Jacqui & Jay-cee

I'm so happy you make a gluten free bakery. I'm allergic to gluten so I'm happy! The foods good to! Best wishes, Kirsten

We came all the way from Maine just to have some delicious gluten free goodies! We love it! Olina

You are awesome. Sarah

I love it! Polina

You should make one of these in Worchester MA please. Thanks for the great bakery. Samantha

You guys are amazing!!! We have nothing like this back in Canada! The next time we're back, we'll come here first. Thanks a ton! Jack

My favorite sandwich-Tuna salad. yomy for my tomy with avacado, tomato, onions, cheese. Tomy

You guys are wonderful!! You are pioneers and we wish you even more success. We enjoyed everything we ate here-always fresh and delicious. Many thanks! Lynner, Scotland UK

We love your food. It is great and we love that we get to eat gluten free food when we come here to the Island Bakery! Natalie

Best sandwich I ever had. Sarah

Best gluten free bread I have ever eaten! You need to get your products out across the country. Mark, NY

You guys have the best muffins on the planet! Elise

I love the bread! Thank you for your attention to details! Love your baked goods! Beth

Key Lime Pie=Amazing. It is so fresh and tasty. Jeff

You are amazing. I love your foods. Tahilia

Great tasting bread. Yummy cupcake and muffins. Worth the drive! God Bless Patty

This spot is heaven sent. I moved here from California and up until now I had a hard time finding food I could eat. Gluten free hasn't tasted this good before. Ever!

We love your food. We drove all the way from Nebraska just for a piece of pumpkin cake!

Love your subs! Love all your desserts! Stephanie

I love your brownies so much! Tate

I loved the taste of the quiche!! The place is clean and simple as I like. Thanks, Melrose from Brasil

Your gluten free bread is so good it tastes like its not even gluten free. I looked at your cookies. They looked good. I want to try them for lunch and ordered pizza. It looked really good. Your gluten free products are so good. Jaime (child)

Having Celiac Disease, it is a joy to come here and enjoy a pizza and especially living in a assisted living place that has minimum choices. Mlb

Your bread was so good. It was so good that I would eat a whole plate full of it. The pizza was great and so was the sub. Jesse (child)

Very good products. It's been 4 years that I haven't try a good bread. Thank You! Maria

I wish we had one of these bakeries in Holland!!!!!!!!!!!! Jonas (10), Holland

Cookies taste really good! Capri (7)

We had your delicious pizza and a slice of Key Lime pie for lunch today. It was great! I'm so happy that there are are places like this now. It makes it so much easier for a gluten intolerant person like me, to eat good food. Kate

Yummy! Loved the vegan sandwich and Blackberry pie!

I am visiting a friend here. I am from Charleston, SC and spotted your cafe. I had one of the best muffins and coffee I have ever had. From now on I will always come in when I am down. Thanks for being the best.

Best GF sandwich ever! Fresh, soft, moist bread with delicious tuna salad. I'm glad to see GF is finally taking off! David

I like your Strawberry pie. I love you. Lotta (5)

Thanks for doing gluten free! Thanks for being clean. Beth


The Key Lime Pie was exelent...heart...heart...Lotta (5)

Love your place! I purchased a birthday girft certificate for my nephew in Buffalo N.Y. and your bakery was our 1st stop on the way to Venice. It's a pleasure! Thanks. Mary

I got a cake and cookies for my birthday. It's absolutely amazing to be able to get gluten free that tastes so good. Also got a sandwich that was the best I've had in ages.

Thank you! Craig, Buffalo N.Y.

GRACIAS! Muy Delicioso:-) Yzttra

Great muffins! Pizza is wonderful! Very thankful for you being so nice to print us some directions to the South Florida Museum! May you be blessed in Christ Jesus. Thanks, Milligans

WOW- THE BEST SUB SANDWICH (Ham, Salami, Provolone, etc.) on a DELICOUS SUB ROLL. I'll be back (probably tomorrow). Thank You!- Liz

I am so glad I found you! This is the absolutely best GF food I have ever tasted! My sandwich was out of ths world. I wish you were in CA-but since you're not I will be placing a lot of orders. Thank you so much!- Beth Best sandwich in the world!

I loove the bread. Issy

I love your coclat milk! Trent (child)

I love your coclet chip muffins! Jate (child)

I don't usually say this about gluten free bread but "that was AWESOME".

That zucchini chocolate chip muffin almost made me cry, it is so good. Moist and delicious. I feel very safe, as a Celiac eating at the Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe. Thank-you!- Christy

My husband and I were in your bakery yesterday, on a trip down from St. Pete, and purchased your bread, lasagna and Key Lime pie. OMG!!! Absolute heaven. The pie was/is out of this world, and the bread is delicious. We are boaters and will be headed out for an overnight anchorage this evening. I'm so thrilled to be able to take your lasagna with me. Thank you again. I promise to spread the word, and make more road trips in the future. Sincerely, Susan

I don't even need to eat gluten free food, but I'll still be back. (from Fort Myers). My partner does need to eat GF and she really enjoyed her meal. I'll bring her back with me. PS. Can't wait for dessert! :-) Tony and Annette

Thank you for your gluten-free goodies! It's amazing to have such tasty treats without gluten! Ecstatic Emily

Thank you so much for having a GF bakery and deli. I can't remember the last time I had a sub. The sub roll was delicious. I had been craving key lime pie , too. It was just as good as a "regular" key lime pie. This has been a highlight of my vacation! Chandra

Thank you! Great sandwiches! Good bread and pizza dough. We are so glad you are here! We will be back a lot! Marilyn

Your key lime pie is the best! If your sign didn't say Gluten Free Bakery I would have never known it was gluten free. Jaime

I got a cake and cookies for my birthday. It's absolutely amazing to be able to get gluten free that tastes so good. Also got a sandwich that was the best I've had in ages.

Your products are amazingly delicious! I am in my 70's and just discovered about 1 1/2 years ago that I am very sensitive to gluten in addition to dairy and many other things. I was so thrilled to find your store. I only wish there were more (as prevalent as McDonalds' or Walgreen's) Thank You! Jane

You made my mom so happy!

I love you and everyone who makes this shop possible. You're a blessing to regular and gluten free customers alike. Thank you from the bottom of my stomach.

I like the ham sandwich. I like the apple pie too. Nick

This place is awesome! The food is incredible! I wish you were in El Paso Texas! We will for sure be shipping your food there!!

My glutarded wife says, Two villi up! As a husband of someone who cannot tolerate gluten, I have been subjected to all manners of torture, I mean food. I'm happy to say our meal was delicious!!

This place is awesome! Great food. Had a pizza sub. It was great. I travel 76 miles away to come here. Kristy

Love the GF DF pizza and chocolate chip zucchini muffins. Thank You!! I'm so glad someone thought to add chocolate to the zucchini muffin. The cinnamon roll is pretty tasty too. You guys are amazing!!

The food is awesome! I love you!! Angelica

I got a cake and cookies for my birthday. It's absolutely amazing to be able to get gluten free that tastes so good. Also got a sandwich that was the best I've had in ages.

I'm a food snob...I've been gluten free for 5 years and until I went to the Gluten Free Bakery/Cafe, I had given up bread altogether. Now I enjoy a sanwich, pizza, a hamburger WITH a bun! No dried out millet here-soft, delicious and wheat free. Shannon

It is so great to be on vacation and to be able to eat a SAFE and DELICIOUS lunch! This is my first sandwich in 5 plus months since being diagnosed with Celiac. Even my non-Celiac husband loves the food! Thank you! Rachel

What a delight! Best time gluten and dairy free vacation to date!

The food here is wonderful, just as good, if not better, than non gluten-free food. Harry

Great food and great service. We love coming here. Sybil and Barry

Amazing! I'm not allergic, but I feel like it does have gluten in it-but it doesn't. It's so soft and really REALLY GOOD!!!

Amazing. I absolutely love the Italian Sub. The bun is so soft and everything was just perfect!!

Delicious bread-Best gluten free bread I've had.

This spot is heaven sent. I moved here from California and up until now I had a hard time finding food I could eat. Gluten free hasn't tasted this good before...ever.

Again, on behalf of all those with allergies to flour/wheat/gluten I sincerely Thank You for making something so delicious! Cheers, Rae

Juliana loved the cake; she woke up this morning asking for some more so she just had some after dinner since today was her actual birthday. I plan to let everyone I know that needs GF how yummy it is. Thanks again, Heather

WOW, your GF banana nut muffin is the best I've ever had. I'm amazed at how moist it is after just a few seconds in the microwave to warm it up. My only complaint is that the muffins are a bit on the large side. I thought you offer a smaller size so I'll check your order form for this option the next time I place an order. Keep up the great work since you ladies provide one helluva service for us with celiac disease. Thanks again. Gene

I was visiting Sarasota in late March and heard of your bakery through my extended family. I am allergic to gluten/wheat and decided to try one of your brownies and a piece of carrot cake. Oh my gosh, your baking was so delicious I could not believe it. Honestly, I would have fallen over had I not been sitting down. I cannot remember the last time I actually enjoyed a baked item! And my 5 year old daughter enjoyed the fact that we shared the treats she kept saying Mommy, this is such a delicious brownie and Mommy, this is the best carrot cake Really and truly, it was such an experience savoring those treats. I cannot even put it into words! Warmest Regards, Rae- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Your gluten free hamburger/sandwich rolls are the best! Nothing has even come close in taste and texture. Cranberry & orange muffins are delicious- can you move to Pennsylvania?

While vacationing in Siesta Key, FL I discovered a wonderful Gluten Free Bakery full of delicious breads, pies, & cakes-It was Heaven! The food was fabulous. The breads were the best I have ever eaten and I have been on a gf diet for 20 years. Thank you, Doug H.

I am a Celiac from the UK, what a joy to find your bakery products on Siesta Key my favorite holiday destination. I bought some sandwich bread, cinnamon raisin & cookies. I had a piece of gf key lime pie & were super. Well done & thank you for providing these products. I will recommend you & Celiac's in the UK. Thank you Adrian,UK

I think your bread is the best I've found anywhere! Also enjoyed your hamburger buns. Tried the pizza and that is also very good. I really think you have a great thing going and wish you a lot of success! Thanks for the pizza crust - I made it tonight for her AND SHE LOVED IT! She had a friend over and I ordered regular pizza for the rest of us. Her friend wanted a piece of the GF pizza instead of the take-out one we ordered! We will be making a trip down there once school is out to stock up and have her try new things. She loves your products. Thanks again, Stephanie

Hi - A friend gave me your plain sandwich bread, and it's so nice! I made my 1st grilled cheese sandwich in 20 years. Nothing compares in Wisconsin. Thank you! Pam

Juliana loved the cake; she woke up this morning asking for some more so she just had some after dinner since today was her actual birthday. Thanks again, Heather

From Rebecca Age 7: What I like about the bread is that it has flavor and I can put stuff in it like cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese and other stuff!

What a fantastic find! We were so excited to find your gluten free bakery here in Siesta Key! The muffins are delicious and the bread superb in sandwiches or toast Dr. and Mrs. Knott, Quarrie's Village, Scotland.

Your bread was amazing! It was the best gluten wheat free bread I've tasted. I used it for sandwiches, French toast, garlic bread and just with butter. (All great!) Can't wait to get back to your area to get it fresh again. Linda W., Rotunda W, FL

Your sundried tomato & herb and cinnamon raisin breads are the best gluten free breads I have ever had. Also, the Key Lime pie is outstanding. We plan to make the trip from Lido Key on a regular basis and look forward to trying many other GF baked goods. C. Resin

I live in CA, and I was so excited to find out that Sarasota had its own GF Bakery. Your delicious bread & muffins/scones have made my visit much more easy & enjoyable.

Thank you for providing so much warmth through you creative & delicious bakery. Enjoying a fresh cinnamon roll along with a hot cup of coffee in your presence was very soothing and comforting as well. I will see you soon. P.S. Also I appreciate your care and attention on utilizing compostable cups. Thank you for being a great business woman. God bless you.

Excellent cinnamon rolls, quiche and breads. Taking a bunch back to Chicago! Laura & Barry

Definitely the best gluten free bread I've had. I wish I lived closer, I'd be back often. Andy

The spinach quiche is delicious! The Christmas cookies are delightful, light, tasty and beautifully decorated! left us wanting many more! The cinnamon roll has a great texture for gluten-free! So glad you are all well again! Leah-Genesis-Atlas

They're Great!

Yummy Cinnamon Rolls! Cheryl-New Brunswick Canada

Hello. I have Celiac Disease. In my hometown Chicago, there are not any gluten free products downtown, but on vacation I came to Island Gluten Free Bakery and I ate there for lunch. It was amazing gluten free products. Asar

Yummy :0) Amelia

Your pizzas are super delicious. It's the Best Pizza I've every had! Ava age 8